How To Fix This Version of Windows is not Genuine (4 Solutions)

How To Fix This Version of Windows is not Genuine (4 Solutions)

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How To Fix This Version of Windows is not Genuine (4 Solutions)
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Have you ever got the message displayed that the version of windows updated is not genuine? Many users have got this message when they have updated the newer version of the windows in their pc. You must have tried to restart the computer and found that the screen is still black. You must have also tried to change the background of the computer but no development.

This Version of Windows is not genuine
This Version of Windows is not genuine

Firstly the windows must have shown the windows OS is not genuine because the windows you have downloaded is a bogus file and not genuine. It is not a problem that has occurred because of a bug, virus or malware. Many of the windows 7 users have been suddenly struck with this issue after build 7601 KB971033 update. Also check out, fix high CPU usage in Windows 10. Don’t be disappointed, there is a way to escape from this problem. Let’s see about the solution.

How To Fix This Version of Windows is not genuine

Points to remember

The important advice is don’t purchase the windows 7 from third party ecommerce stores. Escape from this problem of false windows updates by not buying it from the third party sites. The Microsoft only takes care of the issue only when you buy the update from them. So you have to be careful not to err on your judgements.

The tips we are going to see below will only help with the issue of crack windows update. It is not acceptable to change the fake pirate windows copy in to a genuine one. Therefore to use all the features of the widows 7 you have to access the genuine one.

1. Uninstall KB971033 Update

If your windows worked well before you installed the windows 7 KB971033 update it is because the updated file has detected the windows os. Once it discovers that the copy of the windows is not genuine it sends the message as error and shows it in front of the screen. To remove the error message is easy, just uninstall the updated file by doing this.

  • Open the control panel.
  • Move to the windows update section.
  • Click to view the installed updates.
  • After the loading of all the installed files search for the update “KB971033″ and uninstall it.
  • Now restart the pc.

A piece of caution is that this method may be risky. If you uninstall the installed files it may lead to malfunction of the other programs. There also may be the issue of unexpected loss of files in your computer. To make this procedure safer you can use the help of ‘free backup software’ to back up the important files before erasing all the files.

2. Using SLMGR -REARM Command

Use the SLMGR -REARM command to take care of the issue.


  • Firstly click on the start program.
  • Type the Cmd in the search options.
  • Right-click on the Cmd file and click Run in the administrator. It must run on the command prompt with the administrator privileges.
  • You have to type the SLMGR –REARM it is a licensed management tool. It will reset the status of licensing in the machine.
  • Now you will be able to see a confirmation message click ok.
  • Restart your pc now.

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3. Execute gpupdate/force

There is also another technique and that is to use the rsop.msc command.

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  • Click the windows button and the R button for the key board.
  • Type the rsop.msc here and click the button enter.
  • Go to the windows settings and then the security and lastly the system services. Look for the plug and the play services. Right click on them and then start searching for the start up to click the automatic.
  • Click the windows key and R button key similar as it is given in the first step.


  • Put on a command gpupdate/force in to the run box.
  • Now hit the button Enter.
  • Lastly restart the Pc.

4. Disable Automatic Updates

Now this method is all about switching off the updates. Make sure of the matter that you won’t accept or update any unverified windows file in the future. Follow the below steps to put if off.

  • The control panel has to be opened.
  • Reach the windows update.
  • Click on the windows ‘install updates automatically’.
  • Select the option ‘never check for updates’.

The methods mentioned above will be certainly useful for the issue of windows that are not genuine. Keep visiting WindowsWand for more such posts!

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