Best Windows Media Players You Should Try 2019

Best Windows Media Players You Should Try 2019

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Best Windows Media Players You Should Try 2019
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The media players on the computer will help us to watch amazing videos. If you are searching for the best media players for your PC you are in the right place. The media player has to be rich in its features along with being simple intuitive and light in weight. There are still other things that must be taken into consideration to choose a great media player for your windows. There is a lot of software available for the Windows platform.

Therefore choosing the right one for the windows is a difficult task. There is also a notable increase in the number of media players. This is because many people are binge-watching their favorite movies in free time. So they need an excellent media player. But you have to find the best media player amongst the umpteen numbers. It is because most of the media players trouble us with bugs, low performance, and poor UI. You might ask are there any other media players that are the best. Yes, there are! Here is the list of the best media players. Also check out, best torrent clients for Windows.

The media players for Windows listed below are added here because they are checked and assessed regarding the reception, availability, and ease of use etc. therefore they are considered the best.

Best Media Players For Windows You Shouldn’t Miss 2019


The most noticeable thing in the 5K player is the eye-catching minimalist design. The crucial tools are neatly organized out in the home screen. Now let’s see some of the technical details.

This video player supports videos in file formats like AVI, MKV, FLV, VP8/9 etc. The media player can be used to download content from websites like Vimeo, YouTube and also DailyMotion. If you like the background score of any of the videos on Youtube you can download it by copying its URL and then go to 5K players’ youtube section. Now paste and press the button ‘convert’ to download the audios in just a minute.

The same thing can be done to all the sites which the player supports. The soft wears UI is very simple and the playback is as smooth as butter. The 5K player also has the Airplay feature where you will be able to stream videos in the iPhone to the PC. The Air Mirroring Function that allows the user to cast the screen of the iPhone and the iPad on the computer. You can also record the content. To tell clearly, the 5K player is the best player that we can use in the windows platform.


This player is created especially for the power users who like to use the playback tools and who desire for all over control. There are options like audio or video processing, rendering, plugins, visual output, decoding. Similar to this there are many features in this media player app for the windows. The file formats like the MPEG4, OGM, MKV, and WMV is effortlessly supported by the KM player. It has the adroit frame by frame extraction feature and control that filters for deft playback. It has got a quick menu tool.


This player has got a simple design that mixes nattily with the windows 10 theme. This player got a smart user interface that is an important attribute in a video player. The appeal and the clever design of the Parma cannot be matched. It is ragingly fast and loads all the media files faultlessly. It can play many formats and backs video streaming through its ‘open URL tool’. There is a facility to view your media files during the playback. No lags and stuttering are found in the streaming of the videos.


This player is one of the well-known players used in the windows. There is the absolute diversity of tools and the elements of customization that it offers for its users. This unrivaled feature is what makes it popular. The apps toolbar section has the option of frame statistics, renderer settings and debug. There is a large selection of video and audio codec formats from the normal options like WMA, WAV, FLV, AAC, and DivX etc. There are beneficial controls like color management, GPU control, Output range, audio and video decoders from a host of other options. It is dreams come true for the people who want to view amazing videos in an excellent media player.


If navigating through the settings of the video player is an experience you don’t particularly enjoy then try the ACG player. The UI is really immaculate and the design is well-ordered. It matches the windows1o fluent design philosophy. It can play every conventional video format. There are customization features available where you can change the fonts of the subtitles. You can modify the artificial visual effects also.

These are some of the brilliant and ideal media players for the windows. Download them and enjoy watching your highly favored videos. Keep visiting WindowsWand for more such tutorials, tips, and tricks!

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